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Scalp Measurement System
BB Smart Zoom scalp measurement
Measuring scalp with apps by connecting with mobile and PC + Product recommendation
How to use Scalp Measurement System
BB Smart Zoom Scalp Measurement
Measure and analyze the level of hair loss in 1-fold, 50-fold, 300-fold; hair density; pore status; dead skin on the scalp; and sensitivity
Customer Care Program
Function for new & existing customer care, sales history save, and SNS sharing through APP
Type analysis & product prescription
Product prescription through scalp type diagnosis and analysis with scalp image capture
Smart Scalp Analysis
Interlocking with mobile, tablet PC, or PC through App
How to use BB Smart
App Installation
To install BB SMARTZOOM App, search “Haesol” or “Pilaso” from Google Play Store and install the App
Scalp diagnostor
1-fold, 50-fold, and 300-fold magnification radiography are available without replacing the lens by connecting to mobile device via USB cable
Divide 1-fold (level of hair loss), 50-fold (scalp status, hair density, sensitivity), and 300-fold (pore and dead skin cell status) images into 2-segmentation, and 4-segmentation; compare with sample images; and prescribe home care suitable to the type using the images and checklist
Customer Care
Functions for new and existing customer images, test results, product history DB management, and SNS sharing are available through member registration
Recommend to hair salon, cosmetics & esthetic company, hospital, and door-to-door seller who need mobility and convenience! Due to convenient mobility, customer status can be checked immediately, which may lead to the effect of sales increasing.
BB Smart Zoom Scalp measurement system
1) Play store App download
2) Automatic start of
3) Customer Registration
4) Scalp image taking
5) Before/after comparison
6) Checklist
7) Diagnosis results
8) Scalp/Hair Loss Information
Scalp Measurement Process