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12 Weeks Program
Hair Loss Scalp Care for problematic scalp · thin and weak hair
Pilaso 12 Weeks Program
  • Scaling 10ml*6EA
  • Scalp Ampoule 10ml*3 EA
  • Hair Ampoule 10ml*3 EA
  • DNC 1EA
How to use Pilaso 12 Weeks Program products
01 Pilaso Scaling
Before shampooing, apply 2.5ml on the scalp and do scaling with wood stick, leave it as it is to fully absorb for 3~5 minutes, and then rinse the scalp scaling clearly using shampoo.
02 Pilaso Scalp Ampoule
After shampoo and towel drying, shake it enough, apply 2-3ml on sensitive scalp area evenly, and massage the scalp gently to be absorbed fully using finger tips. As it is a nutrient for scalp, do not rinse out after use.
03 DNC
Divide sections where the nutrient was applied, and roll DNC up and down, right and left.
04 Pilaso Hair Ampoule
Shake it enough, take 2.5ml of the product on the palm, and absorb it gently on the damaged hair. As it is a nutrient to provide vitality to hair, do not rinse out after use.
Hair Loss Scalp Intensive Care
Helpful to prevent and improve hair loss with phased systematic program
Prevent & improve hair damage
Supply nutrient to thin and weak hair, make the hair healthy and shiny
Scalp & Hair Care Program
Cleaning scalp, removing excessive dandruff, soothing itchiness
Main Ingredients
Lycopene, Beta-Glucan, Tomato Extract
Patent Ingredients
No. 10-1347289
Lycopene Drieved From Tomato Using Extracting Method And Cosmetic Composition Containing The Lycopene From Tomato For Preventing Hair Loss And Promoting Hair Growth
No. 10-1112053
Method for obtaining purified lycopene and water-soluble lycopene from tomato